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On 13/07/2017 13:40, Indy Jess John wrote:
On 13/07/2017 08:22, Jeff Layman wrote:
I missed this a few weeks ago:

The only drawback to this is that someone chooses the category and their
opinion might not be mine.

Is "Watchdog" categorised as Factual or Lifestyle, for instance

Will they have a category called "Leftist/liberal/metropolitan
propaganda"? If so they'll have to sub-divide it or there's be too many
programmes in it.
Possible sub-categories:
"Downright lies"
"Opinion presented as fact"
"Appeals to authority"
"Censorship by omission"
"Unlikely leftist opinions in the mouths of drama characters"
"Black actors taking roles where blackness is most unlikely"
"Good upright moral female characters surrounded by despicable weak men"
"Panel show guests who know which side their bread is buttered."
"Stuffing audiences with left wing lunatics"