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Default Freeview Explore

I missed this a few weeks ago:

"Freeview Explore will roll out on Freeview Play TVs and set-top boxes
this month and paves the way for Freeview to build a deeper relationship
with viewers. From today, users can search for programmes by genre or
programme name. The service features a scrolling carousel of 10 genres*
with recommendations from Freeview Play’s supported broadcasters
displaying in a new image-rich menu."

Well, the search facility would be useful. But the "recommendations"? No

I haven't seen the change on my 2015/6 Panasonic TV yet. Will I? Looking at
it seems a bit ambiguous. The Freeview Play "search" feature is supposed
to be appearing on the 2017 model range. Or is it just that it will
/first/ appear on the new range, and a software update will later apply
it to earlier models?