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Default Tennis on 1080i

Its once again the old never mind the quality stuff. they mash up bandwidth
to the bare minimum to squeeze in as many junk channels as they can as

The Freeview plattform is increasing being seen as the entertainment system
for the cheapskates and plebs.
Not that I care any more but when I think of whot could be possible, it
irks me just as the restriction on audio does on most platforms either by
using lossy codecs or just undersampling with that horrible gritty sound as
a result.

I was trying out ambient and sleep sounds on the echo yesterday, Evey one of
theem is irritating due to lossy compression. the phasing effects and
swizzling background in the stereo are just going to do the opposite of
relaxing you.
Sounds like a cheap tape player where the tapes have stretched and snake
over the head rather then going in a linear way.
Absolute crap.

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"Scott" wrote in message
How come the tennis on terrestrial HD is being shown in 1080i? I
thought 1080p was used for fast moving images and 1080i for relatively
static shots.