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Default an easy way to share files and a strange thing in a BBC programme

Bill Wright wrote:

Can anyone suggest any other way I can put a link on the Facebook page
that will simply open and won't involve Dropbox, and will work on every
sort of computer, old or new?

Purchase some web hosting, the modern way is to use a "bucket" on e.g.
Amazon Simple Storage Service.

You pay for the amount of storage space used plus the data transfer.

The storage is charged at the rate of $0.023 per GB per month, so your
152kB example file would cost you (0.000152 * 0.023 * 12 * 0.775611) =
£0.0000325384/year at current exchange rates.

The transfers are charged at the rate of $0.0000004 per request plus
$0.09 per GB, so for that example file ((0.0000004 + 0.09 * 0.000152) *
0.775611) = £0.0000109206 per view, so if it was viewed 38 thousand
times each month, it'd cost you nearly a fiver per year.

They'll even give you a number of those requests per month at a
Yorkshireman's favourite price.