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Default Horizon 2017: Strange Signals from Outer Space

"Phi" wrote in message
Not much original science content in this programme and the narrator keeps
repeating what the scientists say.

I think that looking for ET is nothing more than a child's game

If we do (somehow) find this information what the **** are we going to do
with it? How does it help mankind?

(given that we have exhausted the possibilities of intelligent life in our
own solar system) anything that we receive now wont be from a current
civilization, it will be from the civilization as it existed thousands of
years ago and could well be extinct by now.

and we can't communicate back. That conversation would take (the same)
thousands of years and we would all be dead before a reply came.

I can't understand why our (the world's) government(s) puts billions of
pounds into providing science with the equipment that they use to undertake
this IMHO worthless investigation.

There are far better uses of this money IMHO (and I'm talking "within the
world of science").