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Default Ch4 and 4+1 confusion

On 06/07/2017 17:04, Jeff Layman wrote:
On 06/07/17 09:35, Mark Carver wrote:

BTW Jeff, what did the EPG data say, was that swapped too ?

I can't remember - and I'm not even sure that I checked it. I'm pretty
sure though that the programme info described what was on-screen at the
time when I pressed the "i" button on the remote, and when I changed
channels between 4 and 13 (I assume that's taken from the EPG info). I'm
pretty sure that the DOGs were correct for the programmes - it was just
that they were on the wrong channels! So on 4 you had Posh Pawnbrokers
and the 4+1 DOG, and on 13 you had Countdown with the 4 DOG.

How is that possible?

In an infinite universe, anything is possible !

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