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Default Ch4 and 4+1 confusion

I blame the cider consumed by the admin the night before.

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"Jeff Layman" wrote in message
Anyone else experience the Ch4 and 4+1 confusion on Freeview SD this
afternoon from Rowridge?

I turned on the TV to watch the last 20 minutes of Countdown on Channel 4,
only to find "Posh Pawnbrokers" showing on Channel 4+1. On channel 13,
Countdown was showing. On 104 HD, Countdown was showing normally. Just in
case some channel updates had taken place I retuned the TV, but Ch4 and
4+1 were still on the wrong channels.

I checked on my Freeview PVR in case the TV was playing up, but it
confirmed the wrong channels were showing on 4 and 13.

All ok this evening. Very strange.