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On 21/06/2017 12:20, michael adams wrote:
"Stephen" wrote in message

I am some distance from the tv transmitter, so I may need a masthead
amp. I can get into the loft to install an aerial but I'm not brave
enough to go on the outside and put an aerial at height.

Considering that my signal may already be weak, is it worth trying to
DIY an aerial in the loft, or should I just pay someone to fit an
external one?

If going along the diy route, should I buy an aluminium or steel pole?
I don't suppose it makes much difference to a short section inside a
loft? What are the pros and cons of the different metals outdoors?


Why not simply try an aerial in the loft first with a masthead
amp ? It shouldn't take more than an hour to decide on the best
position inside the loft fix up the aerial at the required
angle - maybe make further adjustments and see how it goes.

Then if that doesn't work is the time to start worrying about
the pole etc. From memory my internal aerial came ready
supplied with a short pole. Sufficient to position it
at least.

michael adams


Mine blew off 20 years ago so as a quick temporary fix
I just just put it in the loft, pointing towards the
xmitter but used garden twine to attach it to the trusses
as high up as possible.

Works fine, even with three downleads feeding three
separate STB's.