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On 21/06/2017 12:53, Bill Wright wrote:
On 21/06/2017 12:05, Stephen wrote:

I am some distance from the tv transmitter, so I may need a masthead
amp. I can get into the loft to install an aerial but I'm not brave
enough to go on the outside and put an aerial at height.

How far is far? In Manchester after the digital switchover plenty of
sets have tuners that will lock onto Welsh transmissions in a sidelobe
of antennas pointed at Winter Hill. It wouldn't be too bad but some
stupid sets put first found rather than strongest channels into the main
slots by default. Amusing to watch default tuning turn them all Welsh.
(unplugging the aerial while it scans the low range sorts it)

Considering that my signal may already be weak, is it worth trying to
DIY an aerial in the loft, or should I just pay someone to fit an
external one?

If going along the diy route, should I buy an aluminium or steel pole?
I don't suppose it makes much difference to a short section inside a
loft? What are the pros and cons of the different metals outdoors?

1. Try a loft aerial. First read this
He's a very clever chap him as wrote that. The article answers your mast
question as well as giving other vital information.

2. If necessary add a masthead amplifier.

3. If still no good put the aerial outside.

4. If still no good get Freesat.

These days unless you are really keen on Dave I would go for Freesat
rather than faff about with TDTV - especially if the local signal is
dodgy. No point in putting a satellite dish high on the roof - being 10m
closer to a geostationary satellite makes no difference at all. Does
need a clear line of sight though - no trees or buildings in the way.

Martin Brown