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Default tv aerial masts

In article ,
lid says...


I am some distance from the tv transmitter, so I may need a masthead
amp. I can get into the loft to install an aerial but I'm not brave
enough to go on the outside and put an aerial at height.

Have you looked at the surrounding properties?

Do they all have masthead amps fitted?

If you can see several without external aerials it might
indicate that a loft aerial might be ok.

As has already been said, it won't take long to pop up to
loft with an aerial to see if it will work.

Java Jive's calculator can be handy:

If you go to the maps at the bottom after completing your
query, you can move the marker to your house and see exactly
which way your aerial should be pointing.

If your loft aerial seems to work ok, bear in mind that rain
can affect the signal level received. If you can find a 6dB
pad and insert it into the feed to the TV's input, it will
give you a reasonable indication of how much margin your
installation has (or not, as the case may be!)