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Default Climate science

On 24/05/2017 13:07, wrote:

Here's a minor example:

There are thousands like that.


Of course scientists are human and make mistakes

These aren't mistakes. It's fraud.

or are outright fakers or plagiarists. The difference with climate
science is the worldwide consensus of
scientists and prestigious science bodies. It's a mighty big
international conspiracy - could it be
David Icke's reptilians , the Illuminati, the Freemasons or the Royal
Antedeluvian Order of the Buffalo?

There isn't a real consensus. Strip away the grant scammers, the
me-tooers, the careerists, the leftists, the greeny obsessives, and
there's not much left.

Consider the UEA Climategate scandal, Al Gore's nonsensical propaganda,
The IPCC's nonsensical pronouncements, etc.