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Default My TV has started 'posterizing'

You'd be very lucky to find anyone with the resources to repair
anything electronic these days. Even if you could, they probably
wouldn't actually repair it, in the old sense of actually diagnosing
the fault and replacing the relevant part from their on-site store of
generic electronic components. They'd probably determine the need to
replace an entire module or circuit board, such a specialised
component it would need to be ordered from the manufacturer, if they
still had any, which with distribution and handling charges would add
up to more than the cost of a new TV.

Even if it added up to no more than about two thirds of the cost of a
secondhand TV, complete and already working, I doubt if I'd want to
get involved with the complication of getting a repair done. A modern
replacement would probably outperform a ten year old TV and be less
power hungry as well.


On Mon, 22 May 2017 09:02:46 +0100, "Brian Gaff"

A little bit extreme I'd say, if its been OK then its dependent on whether
the repair is possible or affordable really.


After ten years it is beyond economic repair. Buy a true HD one not a
cheapo HD ready one that are still available for the unwary to buy.