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Default My TV has started 'posterizing'

Well, never heard the word, but two things come to mind. failure in the
chips that process the encoded signal and a breakdown in the screen itself
but apparently this tends to be localised to certain areas.

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"Roger Mills" wrote in message
I have a Philips 37" flat screen HD-ready TV which is about 10 or 11 years
old. Of late, it's started posterizing its picture under some

[Posterizing is an effect available in many photo editing programs for
reducing the colour depth and hence displaying large patches of single
colours rather than graduations].

My picture isn't as extreme as that, and most colours are ok - but the
problem particularly affects (European) skin tones - and there are often
large green patches on people's faces and exposed arms, etc. People with
darker skins display ok.

The set is fed by an HDMI cable connected to a Humax PVR, and I wasn't
sure at first whether it was a problem with the Humax or cable rather than
the set itself - but when I replay old footage from my Android tablet
(which was ok at the time it was recorded) into the other HDMI port, the
problem is present on that too - so it's almost certainly the set.

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to the root cause? Is it likely to be
easily fixable?
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