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Yes there is that burning dust smell from them.
When I think of the progress and changes over just my lifetime its amazing.
Back when I first encountered tvs, there were two sorts, ones that back
projected onto a fresnel screen for larger sizes but needed to be viewed in
dark rooms, and those with small screens in huge cases with magnifiers on
the front.
All was black and white of course, and now look where we are, flat and even
curved screens in full colour, sadly, the programme material is not a lot
I guess since I now cannot see the screen at all, its a bit hard to comment
on whether its better or not in other ways, but being brought up in my
middle years on the resolution of vcrs, I suppose the first digitals I
could see looked good at first, but the definition and other snazzy stuff is
a mere illusion of compression being used to fool the eyes.

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Is there any market for these any more? Have a couple of old colour
of the analogue type both sort of work, and can be ok on vintage uhf
computers like Atari and Specttrum, but appart form that...


\I'm being awkward. My brother wants to give me an older flat-screen
TV as he is moving house, for my kitchen.

At the moment, I have a CRT set fed by an HD box and I actually like
the 'period' feel so I'm going to decline his offer (or maybe keep it
in reserve).