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Hmm these are both small screensizes, so I guess its the tip then.

I do hope somebody is keeping a few examples running somewhere on a closed
circuit pal generator or something, for educational uses if nothing else.
the b/w one in my window cupboard still runs too but the picture is a bit
soot and whitwewash according to my friend.

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"Roderick Stewart" wrote in message
On Sun, 21 May 2017 12:52:18 +0100, Andy Burns

I just had a look for sold CRT TVs/monitors on eBay, and it turns out
there *are* a few ... mainly old B&O, or metal-cased professional
monitors, or combi VHS/DVD/TVs but the occasional "normal" TV for about
25 to 30 collection only. sacat=11071

At first glance it seems only the Bang & Olufsen tellies are getting
any bids. I wonder if there's something special about the name?

Those Sony monitors will just be for 625 line analogue PAL video, and
mostly with just 14" screens. Can anybody really have a use for them?
As they're all "Buy it now" sales, it's impossible to tell if anybody
actually does. I doubt it though.