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Default Novelty aerals.

On Fri, 19 May 2017 12:18:10 +0100
Roderick Stewart wrote:
Which reminds me of a bluetooth USB adaptor I once bought which had a
swivelling aerial made entirely from plastic. I swivelled it too far
one day and the case split in half to reveal this fact. The "aerial"
was simply an ornament containing no metal connected to anything, just
to make it look technical to the uninitiated I suppose.

Some early digital mobile phones in the early 90s had phony extendable
"antennas" that were nothing more than a bit of useless plastic. I imagine at
that time people still expected a "proper" antenna on a phone so the
manufacturers oblidged with the real antenna hidden somewhere inside. The
Motorola M300 and M400 are good examples.