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On 19:13 18 Apr 2017, Brian Gaff wrote:

Many many years ago one of the much vaunted plus points of tv
delivered over the internet was interactive programs. Whatever
happened to that? We could all vote in the election or referenda
weekly if we wanted to then.

Also of course in much the same way as 'turns' on old fashioned
talent shows were hooked off after a few minutes if they were
dying, we could get rid of the worst programs in under three

Last month Netflix announced it would run be running a trial of
interactive tv later this year. Considering Netflix's audience is
skewed towards the younger generations, I dread to think what the
outcome will be. See this article:

"Love a happy ending? Netflix starts working on technology that
will allow viewers to decide how the story unfolds via their

what's the point of deciding how a program's going to end before you watch

surely that takes all the suspense out of watching it