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Default Meeja strikes again?

On Wed, 19 Apr 2017 22:51:26 +0100, "Woody"

Did anyone see the 10pm news on BBC1 tonight?

An item about the 'armarda' that Donald Trump supposedly sent to 'keep
eye' on the works of North Korea. The 6th fleet was in Singapore and
despatched accordingly.

Some bright sub-ed came up with the idea of generating a graphic map
to show
the relative locations. Nothing wrong with that except that someone
decided to put a compass on it (er, doesn't everyone know that North
is up?)
and the got E and W reversed.

I rest my case.

I was looking at a railway enthusiast website the other day, each page
carried Gerry Barney famous British Rail double arrow logo but in
every case the upper arrow was pointing left and the lower one
pointing right. I tried hard to find an ironic motive for the
reversal, but if there was one it eluded me.