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Hmm, I had a labgear teletext unit. a bit of an old Philips tv and a tifax
decoder with huge numbers of ttl chips on it. Wired remote and a modulator.
It was slow and unreliable, its true, and did not do hold graphics either.
Sadly a few years ago it was sent to the recyclers.
No use for it any more.

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On Tue, 18 Apr 2017 19:13:04 +0100, "Brian Gaff"

Many many years ago one of the much vaunted plus points of tv delivered
over the internet was interactive programs. Whatever happened to that?
We could all vote in the election or referenda weekly if we wanted to

Also of course in much the same way as 'turns' on old fashioned talent
were hooked off after a few minutes if they were dying, we could get rid
the worst programs in under three weeks.

I was involved with an early attempt of live interactivity (viewer
voting) at Granada in the mid 1980s. We used a couple of Labgear
Viewdata boxes on separate telephone lines dialling in to a computer
in London, (AGB/BARB in Hanger Lane IIRC)

Even with the redundancy, getting a noise free phone connection at 6pm
on a weekday was damn near impossible.

Funny you should mention hooks, because a similar setup was used for
voting on a Granada talent show pilot called "The Electronic Hook"
later "The Fame Game"