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Default BBC is constipated

I think the word Infantile comes to mind when it was around before.
Not my scene.
I think though if this odd problem is all you have to contend with on
streaming programs, then be glad you are not looking for audio described
streams of ITV shows that have it on broadcast. The term, 'you'll be lucky'
comes to mind.

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On Mon, 17 Apr 2017 22:45:48 +0100, the dog from that film you saw

On 17/04/2017 21:35, Phi wrote:
Went to stream Guardians of the Galaxy on iPlayer through browser,
get message to say 'For legal reasons we can't play this programme
here', but you can watch it by switching your TV to BBC one: alas I
have no TV

as they say, they don't have the rights to stream it. what would you
have them do? - break the law just for you?

It's damned annoying when that happens but, as you pointed out, the
don't always have the option to offer post airing downloads (or even a
post airing 'streaming only' service).

All I can suggest is that Phil tries a google search using, in this
case, the phrase "Guardians of the Galaxy torrent". :-)

Johnny B Good

It was rubbish anyway...

Was the story too complex for you to follow?