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Default Doctor Who is moonlighting on LBC radio

In message , Brian Gaff
Is this not much the same as TFL in London when you hear at the end of the
travel, information provided by TFL for more up to the minute information
blah blah, use your (app name) to find out. One presumes this is going to
get you lots of points on your licence if you do this while driving though.
Note not LBC it was a BBC station.

I wonder how long it will be before all distractions are banned in the
drivers compartment. No more children, sandwiches, satnavs etc.

Possibly your reader isn't sensitive to the position of the hyphen in
"real time-travel updates", which is invariably read as "real timetravel
updates". [I wouldn't be surprised if the script doesn't have one.]

BTW, last night's Doctor Who wasn't up to much. All CGI and no story.