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Default Any Topfield experts out there?

On 14/04/17 17:16, Brian Gaff wrote:

This is the one weakness when one has to store the programmes on a captive
hard drive. Bring back video tape, or at least some sort of solid state
media one can pull out and shove into a compatible device.

There should be a PVR that allows user to compartmentalise storage, like
say Beryl has her own folder of recorded programs and schedules, and Jim
has his. Bit like his and hers video tape. At the moment its just one
long list of treacle, wading through that from beginning to the end.

A good EPG design can work. Problem is murdoch and virgin killed the
real TiVo which was a simple system for the tech flustered.

I have not bought into this pvr stuff myself. Seems too risky, even if
there was one out there a blindy could use, which there is not unless you
want to buy a computer.

Seems the manufacturers of accessible things want insane access to your
bank account, or financial assistance from the government, or you to use
some locked-in technology.

Doesn't matter, Long term PVR use is anyway doomed.

People will just use catchup services on their smart TV, computer,
tablet, phone, watch, or bio-daydream interface.

A friend has already got rid of her hard drive box, says she doesn't use
or need it.

Adrian C