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Default Any Topfield experts out there?

"Eddie King" wrote in message
Hi all,

my trusty Topfield 7700 seems on its way out. The story is as follows:

a few months ago, it forgot its stored channels, I did a re-scan and
arranged the channels in the order I required. This seemed to work until
yesterday, when

I tried to record a programm and found that the Toppy wouldn't accept any
remote control commands (apart from off) so I couldn't access the files
menue or change channel.

After powering off and restarting, it displayed the "verifying files and
folders" message. After this, for the first 2 or 3 minutes all seemed
well. Then the same happened, no remote commands and no access to the
files list.

I then removed the mains supply for 30 seconds and then did a factory
reset, re-scanned and reorganised the channels. Again all seemed well,
everything worked - until I powered off, the display then showed "wait"
for over 5 minutes. So I removed power and on re-boot sometimes it works
but it is not reliable.

I re-capped the power supply about 2 years ago with high quality 105°
caps. I replaced *all* electrolytics on the PSU. With the fault showing,
the measured voltages are 24,07V; 16,92V; 7,78V; 5,10V; 3,30V and 2,30V.

Any ideas?

Its the most common fault I know of - the last PVR I recapped; I missed a
small seemingly unimportant electrolytic. It was working again but reluctant
to respond to the remote - sometimes it came on and then dropped out again.

More recently a rectifier popped in the PSU, while I had it open I nailed
the missed capacitor - its been working fine since.

Hard drives can and do wear out, most of the ones I tried sticking on a PC
were FAT32 but I wasn't able to identify any files that actually did
anything - you might be able to do something with a partition cloning

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