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Default Any Topfield experts out there?

On 14/04/2017 13:30, Eddie King wrote:
Hi all,

my trusty Topfield 7700 seems on its way out. The story is as follows:

a few months ago, it forgot its stored channels, I did a re-scan and
arranged the channels in the order I required. This seemed to work until
yesterday, when

I tried to record a programm and found that the Toppy wouldn't accept
any remote control commands (apart from off) so I couldn't access the
files menue or change channel.

After powering off and restarting, it displayed the "verifying files and
folders" message. After this, for the first 2 or 3 minutes all seemed
well. Then the same happened, no remote commands and no access to the
files list.

I then removed the mains supply for 30 seconds and then did a factory
reset, re-scanned and reorganised the channels. Again all seemed well,
everything worked - until I powered off, the display then showed "wait"
for over 5 minutes. So I removed power and on re-boot sometimes it works
but it is not reliable.

I re-capped the power supply about 2 years ago with high quality 105°
caps. I replaced *all* electrolytics on the PSU. With the fault showing,
the measured voltages are 24,07V; 16,92V; 7,78V; 5,10V; 3,30V and 2,30V.

Any ideas?

If the worst comes to the worst, how can I save my recordinmgs stored on
the HDD without having to use the dysfunctional PVR? Is there any way to
externally recover the files from the HDD?

Many thanks for any help.

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How old is the hard drive? Is it due for a replacement? I have just
ordered a new hard drive for my 10 year old Toppy.

Michael Chare