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Default Any Topfield experts out there?

That does not sound like the problem. It sounds more like creeping demise,
either of the drive or the control chips, though I'd guess its not going to
be the chips, more likely still something intermittent corrupting data
control somewhere.

This is the one weakness when one has to store the programmes on a captive
hard drive. Bring back video tape, or at least some sort of solid state
media one can pull out and shove into a compatible device.
I have not bought into this pvr stuff myself. Seems too risky, even if
there was one out there a blindy could use, which there is not unless you
want to buy a computer.

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"Adrian Caspersz" wrote in message
On 14/04/17 13:30, Eddie King wrote:
Hi all,

my trusty Topfield 7700 seems on its way out. The story is as follows:

a few months ago, it forgot its stored channels, I did a re-scan and
arranged the channels in the order I required. This seemed to work until
yesterday, when

I tried to record a programm and found that the Toppy wouldn't accept
any remote control commands (apart from off) so I couldn't access the
files menue or change channel.

Is there an individual remote control ID that needs resetting? Some can be
tailored to a particular recorder (the case if ye have more than one)

Adrian C