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Default This 'new channels' game

On Freeview it seems to me that channels re invent themselves by giving
themselves new names.
The other tendency is that they do a deal to get hold of shows that do not
fit their current name, so they create a part time new channel in the same
bandwidth to show them restricting the hours of the old one. Quest seem to
be playing this game, though for the life of me I do not see the
significance of the name 'Quest Red'.
Most of the stuff it shows have appeared elsewhere or are thinly disguised
foreign versions of reality cheap shows we invented here in the first place.
I mean Say yes to the Dress, really what the heck is this about.
Not a lot.
Some stations change their name for no apparent reason other than perhaps
vanity, like e now have Sony Movie Channel recycling the same heap of stuff
as other movie channels do but sadly with no audio description.

And so it goes on.

Technically the quality of even the sound of many of these is pretty naff
now, and standards seem to have gone south.

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