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Default Philips tuner for a Toshiba HDD & DVD/ Video Cassette Recorder model RD-XV48DTKB.

On Thu, 6 Apr 2017 20:21:51 +0100, "Benderthe.evilrobot"

I wonder where I'm going to get a replacement LOPT for my telly now?

I used to order from HR - usually they were better than the original part.

Whether they still exist is one thing - whether they still bother making
LOPTs is another.

I have a CRT computer monitor in my hallway (left there last December
by someone who needed storage for it for "a couple of weeks"), and I
wondered what it would be worth if I tried to sell it on Ebay. When I
looked the other day, all - and I mean *all* - the CRT monitors in the
last few hours of auctions were still showing 99p start prices with
zero bids. CRT tellys were the same. A few years back I actually
managed to sell an old CRT telly, not for very much but someone
actually paid me for it rather than me paying them to take it away.
Not any more. It seems you literally can't give them away now. It
probably still works too.