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On Wed, 05 Apr 2017 15:56:44 +0200, Martin wrote:

It was the Humax PVR I had before any of the Panasonic ones that drove
me crazy. If I powered down from the remote while it was recording
something, it didn't just go to standby but killed everything
including the recording. The Panasonic makes it difficult to interrupt
a recording already in progress, but will allow you to do anything
else that doesn't require the use of the tuner(s).

How long ago did you have a Humax? I have three generations of Humax PVRs, one
Dutch cable and two Freesat, and none of them do what yours did.

It was called the 8000T. The actual eception and picture quality were
very good, but the ergonomics of its operating system were an utter
nightmare. It was possible to watch a playback while recording, but
only from a previous point in the programme actually being recorded,
not a different recording, and when the recording stopped, playback
would stop as well, so you'd have to find the programme again and
spool through it to the point you'd got to when it stopped. Also, as I
described previously, there didn't seem to be a standby mode and there
was no interlock to prevent you switching the power off while it was
recording something. There were several other little niggles I've
forgotten. I'm sure their more recent efforts must be better than
this, but the Panasonic one I got shortly after the Humax was much
better even then, so I've stuck with Panasonic ever since and not
regretted it.