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As a matter of interest; does the panasonic have a talking menus feature. it
must have been five years ago when a bloke from Panasonic came on the radio
and ssaid how the voice for the menues and program guide would be expanded
to the pvr range. Since then I've heard nothing at all. Samsung are now
singing the virtues of their talking tvs; but I've yet to find anyone who
has not given up on using it due to a lot of key bits not orking crrectly;
and they don't do a pvr either.; Sony on the other hand seem to be unable to
design understandable remote controls and I've yet to find a talkijng model
of anything despite them claiming their tvs are based around android; which
has a screenreader built in!; We do seem to have struck a nerve here. there
is obviously a need vfor simple to use boxes and tvs just like Nokia has re
released an old phone; we perhaps need to revisit tvs that can be operateed
without lots of meenues and choices again. I remember the day when we had s
a simple tuning konob!; grin; Brian

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In Ghod's name, don't replace it with a Panasonic.

Damn, I can't find the review on Amazon of the Panasonic PVR we foolishly
bought. Amazon have redesigned their account pages and "My Reviews" seems
to have disappeared. Ahh, here we go;

This piece of junk is essentially unusable. Not because of the user
interface, which appears to have been designed by the blind man's dog
on an off day, but because when it is recording you cannot;

(i) Add any more programmes to be recorded. Pressing "Guide" when it's
already recording something just pops up a windows saying "Cannot be done
while recording" or somesuch. That means if you've started a recording
and you spot something on later you'd like to record, you can't.

(ii) Delete any already recorded programmes. Same pop-up.

You must have bought a really old one.

Oh, the review is a number of years old and the PVR has long been
discontinued - it was a current model when I bought it.

But since the Panny was an utter PoS compared to the
Sony which preceded it, I foolishly assumed it would be better. All
the reviews I read praised it (I assume they got cocaine and hookers
from Panasonic, rather than an actual PVR).

I've had several Panasonic PVRs
and the most recent one can do all these things and more, including
editing a previous recording while simultaneously recording another
two. Admittedly they have improved the software over the years (who
doesn't?), and the older ones did have the limitations you describe,
but I find my present main PVR to be very user-friendly. It's a
DMR-HW120 if you're interested.

Nope. Like I said, never buying anything made by Panasonic ever

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