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On 5 Apr 2017 11:52:33 GMT, Huge wrote:

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In Ghod's name, don't replace it with a Panasonic.

Damn, I can't find the review on Amazon of the Panasonic PVR we foolishly
bought. Amazon have redesigned their account pages and "My Reviews" seems
to have disappeared. Ahh, here we go;

This piece of junk is essentially unusable. Not because of the user
interface, which appears to have been designed by the blind man's dog
on an off day, but because when it is recording you cannot;

(i) Add any more programmes to be recorded. Pressing "Guide" when it's
already recording something just pops up a windows saying "Cannot be done
while recording" or somesuch. That means if you've started a recording
and you spot something on later you'd like to record, you can't.

(ii) Delete any already recorded programmes. Same pop-up.

You must have bought a really old one. I've had several Panasonic PVRs
and the most recent one can do all these things and more, including
editing a previous recording while simultaneously recording another
two. Admittedly they have improved the software over the years (who
doesn't?), and the older ones did have the limitations you describe,
but I find my present main PVR to be very user-friendly. It's a
DMR-HW120 if you're interested.
Don't buy this. It will drive you crazy.

It was the Humax PVR I had before any of the Panasonic ones that drove
me crazy. If I powered down from the remote while it was recording
something, it didn't just go to standby but killed everything
including the recording. The Panasonic makes it difficult to interrupt
a recording already in progress, but will allow you to do anything
else that doesn't require the use of the tuner(s).

[Added a couple of weeks later] It gets worse. It doesn't remember
where you've got up when you watch part of a recording (again, unlike
my previous Sony). That means you have to fiddle about finding your
place in any recording you got part-way through.[...]

Once again, this is something my Panasonic definitely does do, so if
yours doesn't, I can only guess that it's really old stock.