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On 05/04/2017 12:02, Huge wrote:

We've had out Samsung "SMART" TV for nearly a year and I'm finally
learning how to work it. The UI is utterly hateful, there's no manual
(the manual is built into the TV. WTF? And the one I downloaded from the
Samsung web site has no page numbers or index. WTFF???), it crashed all
the time when we first got it (a service call under warranty has fixed
that), the bluetooth connection to the sound bar dropped out all the time
(an HDMI cable fixed that) and the sound bar obscures the infra-red port
for the remote my wife prefers. I loathe the damn thing and wish we'd
never bought it. I shall certainly never buy anything made by Samsung
ever again.

In its defence, the picture quality is superb.

I bought a Samsung PVR.

Its menu system was nowhere near intuitive.
Its Series Record feature lost track of the series before it got to the
end of it, meaning that I had to check before every episode that it had
identified it.
The RF loop-through wasn't amplified, so I had to insert another box
with proper amplification immediately after it to get a decent
unpixillated TV picture on all channels.

I eventually took it off the aerial and replaced it with a Humax box.
I will gradually play back what has already been recorded on it, then
get rid of it. Like you, I will never buy Samsung again.

In its defence, it could tune in and record the HD channels.