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On Wed, 5 Apr 2017 08:56:33 +0100
"Brian Gaff" wrote:

You know this term of smart tv does seem to be a strange one. In most
cases they are not smart, indeed many are almost impossible to work
by ordinary people who do not have a 7 year old child around.
I was talking to a friend of mine who reckoned her cheapo
Sainsburies tv basic freeview with hd tv, was far easier to use than
the Samsung one she used to have, as she never could figure out the
so called smart stuff. I do wonder thinking about this, if we are not
building thigs to inflate the egos of the designers. Its a bit like
the kings new clothes. Its cool to have all the extra stuff but how
many people actually use them? Brian

I am in total agreement with you. Just because we can do something,
doesn't mean we need to do it.