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Default Lower frequency usage

In message , Mark Carver
On 04/04/2017 09:12, Brian Gaff wrote:
Well, Only part of band 1, there is a lot of vacant bandwidth down there.

Band I is hopeless for TV Broadcasting, huge aerials, and far too
susceptible to lift reception. The entire civilised world have
abandoned its use for telly ?

Indeed. A lot of Europe (and probably elsewhere) had abandoned TV Band 1
well before digital came along.

Aerial size is a problem - not just for TV, but also for portable and
mobile applications. The best use is probably for short-range stuff.
That said, interference could still be a problem. I had a 27MHz mouse
(2, car boot, FCC/CETP CB channel 15, I think) that occasionally used
to do its own thing - and I suspect that interference was the cause.