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There are, and recently there are now quite a few with macular degeneration
who rely on AD, yet still the provision of this is not universal.

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On Tue, 4 Apr 2017 11:38:53 +0100, Davey wrote:

On Tue, 4 Apr 2017 11:24:30 +0100
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news I know that programme subtitles are not an exact science, but the
rendition on the Beeb's programme this evening about the
photographer Olive Edis reached a new low. They spent as much time
correcting themselves as displaying the wrong words, and there was
no excuse for being live, it was a prerecorded assemble programme.

the code of practice should ban "live" subtitling for non-live


If only!

I've sent my complaint, I'll report any response. I won't hold my
breath, though.

Nor me :-)

If the average age of BBC viewers is really over 60, there must be a
number relying on subtitles.

Martin in Zuid Holland