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Yes but we are not being paid to post to Usenet, one might expect some
degree of professionalism for ones money , don't you think.
In a way its like all the legislation out there for disabled peoples
protection which is also ignored by many companies and individuals as as I
say it is not seen as important enough to actually get it right.
I for example know that most employers guard against getting any blind
applicants by demanding a clean driving license be a pre requisite for
applications. No driving in the job but they like to deduce how people
behave from many things like facebook etc and driving habits.


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Martin wrote:
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Like with AD you will probably find nobody actually noticed or even
it before it went out. I do know that there were numerous complaints
one Dr Who episode where the AD was chopped off all the way through,
even on
the I player feed a few years ago. Had somebody actually listened to it
might not have been allowed to go out like that.

Nobody cares any more, sadly.

The viewers still do :-)

Subtitle mistakes in the means are never corrected after the first
of a news report.

A bit like typos in Usenet... ;-)


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