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Like with AD you will probably find nobody actually noticed or even viewed
it before it went out. I do know that there were numerous complaints about
one Dr Who episode where the AD was chopped off all the way through, even on
the I player feed a few years ago. Had somebody actually listened to it it
might not have been allowed to go out like that.

Nobody cares any more, sadly.

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"Davey" wrote in message
I know that programme subtitles are not an exact science, but the
rendition on the Beeb's programme this evening about the photographer
Olive Edis reached a new low. They spent as much time correcting
themselves as displaying the wrong words, and there was no excuse for
being live, it was a prerecorded assemble programme.

A letter of complaint is to be sent. We pay for this with our license
fee, they could at least get this right.