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Default crap tv generally

I do not agree. Its not exactly new to be able to record stuff. also how do
we really know these other programs are watched as apposed to being on. I go
into peoples houses and the telly is on with Judge Judy or whatever on it
just as a background as we used to do with the radio.

I do actually agree though that some of the older series often had better
storey lines than many of the modern stuff has.


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Here is the thing. We have all these channels but the actual number of
programs worth watching is still about the same

don't agree (very strongly).

as when we only had four.
The question is, who watches the endless repeats


I don't watch the same program more than once mind.

I watch one re-run series and then move onto the next.

There's loads of them that I want to watch that I have no time for, and I
just have to hope gets re-run again (and again) until I do get the time.

Just because you don't want to watch re-runs of Bonanza (FTAOD, that's not
actually on my wish list) doesn't mean that nobody does

and more importantly the imported us junk like ancient aliens, and
unsolved mysteries and Ghost encounters and Cake wars and and and.

Not my cup of tea (oops) either

but if you look at the ratings for these types of shows you will see that
they are more popular than the reruns of drama/comedy that I watch.

If someone can make a living re-running stuff that gets audiences of
20-50,000 why knock it? It costs you nothing.