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Default Streaming BBC Breakfast today

On 30/03/2017 19:09, Phi wrote:
At programme end a big red screen came up and displayed, 'this channel
is not available in your area yet' with information about satelite
channels and free to air channels. The red screen was semi transparent
with a background of people in wheelchairs trying to get into a semi
circle painted on the floor. It stayed like this for about ten minutes
until the next programme started missing ten munutes.

On BBC 1 HD ?

You're in England ?

It was this ? :-

If the answer to all three is yes, then either you've only bought an HD
TV today, or you've been in prison for the last five years.

It appears in place of the local news, because the Beeb haven't yet got
regional opting sorted out in England.

Although, I'm surprised it was there for 10 mins this morning, the local
news opts in Breakfast are only 3-4 mins

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