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Default Long gaps short range

On 30/03/17 13:08, Roderick Stewart wrote:
On Thu, 30 Mar 2017 12:08:04 +0100, "Brian Gaff"

Incidentally how much delay can one expect if one uses blue tooth speakers
for surround on a telly? Won't bother me cos cannot see the pic, but people
tell me the lip sync can drift out.

I don't know about Bluetooth speakers, but sound out of sync with
video seems pretty common with any digital source. I have an Amazon
box connected to a TV display by HDMI cables that go via an HDMI to
phono audio adaptor (because the Amazon box doesn't have a separate
audio output) and I find that the discrepancy between sound and video
varies according to what I'm watching, even though it's from the same
box. BBC iPlayer and Youtube seem about right, but Amazon's own shows
and some, but not all, movies have the sound ahead of the picture. A
setting of about 250ms or 300ms on an audio delay unit usually
corrects this, and I use the "tape monitoring" switch (remember
those?) on the hi-fi amplifier to switch it in and out of circuit as
necessary, the delay being connected as if it were a tape recorder.
This arrangement works for me, but I don't think it should be
necessary at all.

My Panny TV apparently can adjust sound delay, but only for Ireland! In
the "sound" settings this appears in the manual:

Adjusts the delay time of the sound output from DIGITAL AUDIO and HDMI2
(ARC function) terminals if the sound does not synchronise the image.

‚óŹ For digital (Ireland only)

Why is it limited to Ireland only? I assume they use a different system,
but how does it differ from the UK one? Of course, being in the UK, this
setting does not appear on my TV.