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Default Long gaps short range

Could but does not.
Does seem a bit extreme.
Incidentally how much delay can one expect if one uses blue tooth speakers
for surround on a telly? Won't bother me cos cannot see the pic, but people
tell me the lip sync can drift out.

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"dave" wrote in message
On 30/03/17 08:45, Brian Gaff wrote:
I noticed the other night during coverage of the Westminster bridge
vigil that there seemed to be almost as much delay in the interview with
reporter as you might expect if it was going on in the usa. I find it
annoyin when you get these delays, and the thing is we never used to have
it, so what is going on here? is the delay in the digital processing or

I'm surprised that the broadcasters haven't got round this, at least for
simple reports-to-camera. If there is a two-second delay on the satellite
link, and they're using the same link for talkback, they could cue the OB
reporter four seconds before the studio announcer ends his introduction
for a seamless handover. That wouldn't work for interviews of course but
even then the reporter could 'crash' the question with his answer to
reduce the delay a bit.