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Default Humax FVP-4000T Dimensions

On 28/03/2017 10:46, tim... wrote:

"Robin" wrote in message
On 28/03/2017 02:36, Bill Wright wrote:
On 28/03/2017 01:25, Bill Ward wrote:
Can someone tell me the dimensions of the Humax FVP-4000T

(H)48.0 x (W)28.0 x (D)20.0

Yes - though it took me a depressingly long moment to realise why I
initially thought "that's wrong"

but it is wrong because that would make it a high tower shape (assuming
cm) (or ridiculously small if mm)

but actually it's mean to be mm and Bill has got wrong

it's (H)48.0 x (W)280.0 x (D)200.0

Yes, those are the measurements in mm, which is what made me think at
first Bill was wrong. Then I realised he was responding to "tell me the
dimensions" so he was (of course) right to set out that it has 3 -
height, width and depth, and that's true irrespective of the (mixed)
units. Could be he's practising for a new career as a management

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