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Default A couple of quick Qs about freesat...

On Saturday, 25 March 2017 17:15:21 UTC, Michael Chare wrote:
On 25/03/2017 14:31, Tim+ wrote:
My sister has moved into a rented house in the middle of nowhere with
b*gger all terrestrial reception but it does have a dish with a double

I presume this means that she can use a freesat box or PVR with twin
tuners? (I know nothing about sat).

She may only be in this property for a few months so may not want to invest
too much in a freesat pvr. Can anyone recommend a decent budget brand or
advise of any ones to avoid?


For PVRs see

Make sure that any one you get supports DVB-S2.

Some TVs do come with a Satellite Tuner.

and even more weirdly on some it is / was undocumented. A neighbours LG 42UB580V actually had a mutli satellite DVB-S2 tuner, not described in the English manual at all.

Look for an unexpected F-Connector next to the coaxial aerial socket.

Michael Chare