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Default ch4 plus 1 during news

On 23/03/2017 07:41, Brian Gaff wrote:
Yesterday, a short time into the news, early evening the whole thing went
orf. Well it was still getting a signal but it was blank and no sound.
Most peculiar.
It came back suddnly later in the news. I was not around to see if the non
plus 1 had it as well.

Yes. C4 News named who they thought was the name of yesterday's
Westminster attacker during the programme. It turned out not
to be that person, because he's still alive and well in prison.

To avoid libel etc C4 blacked out the +1 repeat, except they cocked up,
because they didn't black out the very beginning of the programme, and
he was mentioned there too. Doh !

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