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I suspect that a lot of these decisions are now being made due to the
massive hike in business rates on shops, making margins very close. This is
how to kill the high street.
I agree though that he could have been more forthcoming on the real issues,
as nobody turns away a valued customer unless they are a pest, and I cannot
imagine yourself every being seen this way.....

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"Bill Wright" wrote in message
For many years I've used a particular butcher. I must have spent thousands
in that shop. I believe in building up a relationship. Yesterday I asked
for something I often buy: beef dripping (it makes fantastic roasties).
"Don't keep it any more."
"Not many people wanted it." He shrugged and turned away.
I was going to say, "Well I buy it," or something like that, but then I
thought, "Why should I bother?"
It wasn't the lack of beef dripping that did it. It was the dismissive
attitude and the shrug.
Those of us who live by serving the public would do well to remember that
if a good customer wants something that we don't have, it might be wise to
research it with a view to getting him some. If it really is impossible,
it would be good to show some sign of apology and offer an explanation.
There are two other butchers in the area, just as good, and one of them is
closer to home. So that's where I'll be spending my fifty quids in future.