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Default Weird channel anomaly

Ah yes I think one of the problems I've had on marginal signals is some kind
of notch filtering. Simply by making the cabling longer or shorter you seem
to be able to affect such things a lot more than one might imagine. I never
had the equipment to test this though.
I suspect its bad matching somewhere or reflected signals out of phase.

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"Pinnerite" wrote in message
My incoming aerial signal is amplified after it enters my loft.
It feeds down through the first floor to the ground floor where it is fed
into a socket on a TBS dual tuner card in a computer serving as an HTPC.

This has an output socket from which a cable feeds a Samsung Smart TV
above it..

Recently one of the channels on the TV said that CBS Drama had moved and
retune. We did, only to find that channels 20 and 21 were now missing.
to retuning they were there but pixelated.

The anomaly is that they can still be accessed from MythTV on the HTPC,
driving the said TBS card.

Can I get them back on the TV?

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