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Default TV system conversion

On Sat, 18 Mar 2017 04:50:20 +0000, Bill Wright

At the time when when I was a baby the only way was to point a camera at
a screen. Results were unimpressive.

By 1964 things had moved on and conversion was electronic. The equipment
had 2,000 transistors and occupied two full height racks.

I have just bought a gadget that converts TVI and AHD to HDMI, VGA, and
CVBS. It handles 720p and 1080p at all frame rates. All VGA modes are
supported. CVBS is PAL or NTSC, 25 or 30fps.

This device is the size of a paperback book and cost 55. It works
perfectly. I would love to go back in time and show it to the engineers
of 1950!

If anyone's interested it's a Scatterbox CNV200.


I think you've already seen this, and I must redo it sometime, now I
have built a Band I modulator and the picture is miles better.
An obsolete PC with webcam running Vidblaster and WinModelines, which
coaxes half the dual-head graphics card to output 405 lines (or 625 or
813, 525 etc.)

It's still not a real-time system converter, but I question why anyone
would want one, I am perfectly content to digitise analogue TV content
first and import the resulting digits.