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Default Please recommend a DTT PVR

"Indy Jess John" wrote in message
On 14/03/2017 13:02, fred wrote:
My ageing mum has just moved house to no Sky (and box with
record) -
DTT only.
Please recommend a PVR. I believe I saw one in Tesco at ~ 130.
Simplicity of use (not masses of features) is paramount.

Unfortunately some of the newer ones are rather user unfriendly - I
bought a Samsung and disliked it sufficiently to put it to one side
and replace it with a second hand Humax PVR9300T which has a T2
tuner and is fairly easy to set up and operate.

Mine was bought from ebay as a refurbished unit and has been as good
as gold. You could try there as a starting point. Typically they
go for something between 20 to 60 which is pretty cheap for a PVR.


PS - If you are quick, there is one with an auction ending in at
16:15 today: Q

There are several others with a reasonable "Buy it now" price.

I was given a 9150 PVR which is tucked away in the storeroom. Why?
Because it had great difficulty with the EPG which was either not
there, there only on some channels but incomplete, or took several
days to collect as much of it as it seemed to want to collect but even
then was often still incomplete. I recommended it to an elderly lady,
we got one from Humax Direct, and it had the same problem as mine did
so we sent it back.

I would suggest looking around for a Humax HDR FoxT-2 PVR which works
well and is surprisingly easy to drive - if my wife can do it without
instruction then anyone can!!

Always look at Humax Direct for Manager's Specials as they do offer
some real bargains.


harrogate3 at ntlworld dot com