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Default Please recommend a DTT PVR

On 14/03/2017 13:02, fred wrote:
My ageing mum has just moved house to no Sky (and box with record) -
DTT only.
Please recommend a PVR. I believe I saw one in Tesco at ~ 130.
Simplicity of use (not masses of features) is paramount.

Unfortunately some of the newer ones are rather user unfriendly - I
bought a Samsung and disliked it sufficiently to put it to one side and
replace it with a second hand Humax PVR9300T which has a T2 tuner and is
fairly easy to set up and operate.

Mine was bought from ebay as a refurbished unit and has been as good as
gold. You could try there as a starting point. Typically they go for
something between 20 to 60 which is pretty cheap for a PVR.


PS - If you are quick, there is one with an auction ending in at 16:15
today: Q

There are several others with a reasonable "Buy it now" price.