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Default vision v40-104 modulators.... where can I get instructions fromthe internet?

On Fri, 10 Mar 2017 13:59:50 +0000 (GMT), Bob Latham

Have you also noticed a number of these boxes claim to be HD and yet are
T1 not T2? I understand that the two things are not bonded together but in
this particular case I wonder if it is a misprint or a mistake.

Please don't tell me HD does not equal T2, I know! :-)

If you know that then why are you querying it? A T1 modulator is a much
simpler (and therefore cheaper) thing than a T2 modulator.

Assuming you can transmit HD over T1,

Of course you can. Why would you not be able to? It's all just data.

would TVs be able to cope with that?


Even the ones without a T2 receiver and the decoders that you would need
for it?

....assuming they have an H.264 decoder. Obviously it isn't going to
work if the modulator is using an H.264 coder and the TV only has an
MPEG2 decoder.