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Default LLanddona Transmitter BBC Four?

"Mark Carver" wrote in message
However, next step is to ditch SD/HD simulcasting on DTT, in which case
eventually BBC 4 HD should be available to all.

You mean only the HD versions will be available? That will **** off everyone
who has equipment that only has a DVB-T (rather than DVB-T2) tuner. TVs are
OK: at a pinch you can buy a set top box to replace the builtin tuner. But
PVRs are a different matter: if you want to make unattended recordings on
various different channels you need a new PVR.

H264 is a wonderfully compact compression algorithm (ie better quality
versus bitrate) but it is a pig for software to decode: my PC can display
MPEG fine and can scrub through at high speed to find a given place in the
programme, but it takes ages to resync with H264 if you move to another part
of the programme. That's using VLC, VideoRedo or any other software, even
with less-than-SD (544x576). Indeed it seems to take about the same length
of time to resync for 544x576 as for 1920x1080 Full HD.